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Why Barefoot is Best

barefoot running

Running Barefoot

Running barefoot or in barefoot shoes heightens our senses and helps us to re-learn to run the way million years of evolution intended, strengthening our feet and reducing the risk of injury.  Appropriate barefoot shoes allow us maximum proprioceptive feedback (as we have when barefoot) from our feet while protecting us from the elements and puncture wounds.


A team from the Department of Human Evolutionary Biology and the Skeletal Biology Lab at Harvard University have carried out extensive research on the Biomechanics of Foot Strikes and Applications to running barefoot or in minimal footwear.  Following this research they have provided an evidence-based resource for those interested in the biomechanics of different foot strikes in endurance running and the applications to human endurance running prior to the modern running shoe.  You can read all about their findings here

Want to improve your running technique and lower your risk of injury?

If you are interested in improving your running technique and lowering your risk of injury while running we strongly suggest that you have some professional coaching to help you with the correct running technique, mobility and strengthening exercises.

Try safe barefoot running

We can help get you on your way to safe barefoot running, showing you the correct technique, making your transition an enjoyable one.  We can also recommend the best barefoot shoes available on the market and if you’re running with us can help you to get the perfect fit and shoe for you.  Barefoot shoes have no heel, no midsole, no arch support, allowing your feet to move naturally.


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