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Louise Hewison started Run to Become to share her passion for running and to encourage more people of all abilities into running and fitness.


Louise will coach you in the skill of running and will get you on your way to achieving your goals in running and fitness in a safe and enjoyable way.


“I have been running on and off my whole life but found a passion for it 8 years ago. I was involved in other sports at the time and really started running again as cross training and to improve my fitness.


As an outdoor girl I would much rather be running outside than stuck in a gym. Running was also much easier to fit in with my day. What was taking 2 hours to get to the gym, workout and get back could now take me 30 mins, as all I needed to do was put on my running gear and go and enjoy being outside in the fresh air.


Since then I haven’t looked back and now I run every day and LOVE it. It has really enhanced my life and fitness in every way. I am less stressed, I sleep better, I have more energy and now in my 30′s I am in better shape than I have ever been.”


Louise has been where you are now. She started off training for a 5k and has gone on to compete in many distance races from 10ks to marathons is a fully qualified running leader and barefoot running coach.


Louise is qualified and insured by UK Athletics and Insure4Sport and is a certified Vivo Barefoot Running Coach. She is also a First Aid trainer/assessor, so you are in safe hands.


Louise wants to break down the barriers people put in the way of taking those first steps towards their goals. “The first step is the hardest and once you take that step and join us I will help and encourage you to achieve you goals in running. That may be just to get off that couch and start getting some regular exercise. You may want to lose some weight. You may have an ambition to run the Race for Life or another 5k for the first time but don’t know where to start. You may have ambitions of running a marathon. Or you may already be a runner with many miles under your belt.”


The emphasis in our sessions is on fun.¬† There’s absolutely no pressure on anyone as everyone works at their own pace and the sessions are structured so that you get the workout that you need.


Contact us now to discuss your requirements. We can provide you with a fun, safe and enjoyable running coach in London.