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Running is the the most natural and easily accessible form of exercise


We can help to achieve whatever YOU want from running.


We can structure a training programme that you can stick to.  Incorporating specific training for you, we will set realistic and achievable targets to get you to where you want to be.


You may want to lose weight, kick start a regular fitness habit, train for a 5k or longer race.  We will coach you in the skill of running and get you on your way to achieving your goals in a fun and safe way.

Running Fitness and more…

We have 1-1 sessions in Running Fitness, Barefoot Running, Running Technique and Fitness for Mums/ people looking to kick start a fitness routine.


A 1-1 session also means you’ll get more advice where needed and tips on how to continue improving your running technique and fitness level.  We’ll also give you a bespoke programme to follow on the days we’re not with you and continually monitor your progress.


Sessions can be booked any time of day to fit in with your schedule, we also offer great discounts on multiple sessions booked or small group sessions for friends.  Just let us know the days and times that suit you best.


Running sessions are based in Clapham, Wandsworth and Tooting but we are also happy to come to you. Let us know if you live or work locally.


Are you a Running Club, Sports Physiotherapist or other Health Care Practitioner? …


Would you like to learn more about the skill of Running and the Bio-mechanics of Movement?


60-80% or runners will get a running related injury… The biggest influence on chronic running injuries is technique.


Why not host a Running Clinic to learn more about how the how correct skill for running can help reduce the risk of running related injuries.


Barefoot Running Clinics are for 4-8 people and the session is 4 hours.


If you would like to host a barefoot running clinic, we need access to indoor space and a screen to show a short power-point presentation, a treadmill and/or enough space inside or out to practice drills and running technique.


Please contact us for more information on any of our sessions.


We look forward to running with you!